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Established in 2019, ATAR Advantage is built on nearly 20 years of educational experience and strives to provide a common sense approach to preparing students for success in Mathematics and Science. We can support any high school aged student to achieve their best.

We have worked with students from Brisbane Grammar, Clayfield College, Nudgee College, St Laurence's College, Yeronga SHS, Indooroopilly SHS, Stretton SSC, Brisbane SHS, Mt Gravatt SHS and St John's Anglican College and many others.

We currently service Forest Lake (4078) and surrounding suburbs so get in touch today and read below to learn more about our services.

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ATAR Advantage

Supporting high school students in Maths and Science.

  • We are experts in QCAA Applied Syllabuses - Essential Maths & Science in Practice as well as ATAR General Syllabus subjects including General Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Engineering.

  • We understand the complexity of high school aged students, their struggles, their anxieties and how to get the best out of them.

  • We are compassionate educators and know that it can be difficult to support and motivate your child in these busy times.

  • We work with students to understand what's going on, build a plan of attack, set goals and then monitor and motivate to ensure they reach their goals.

  • We want to see young people achieve.


  • We are proud to be fully accredited and insured to deliver tuition and educational services under the guidelines set and endorsed by the Australian Tutoring Association.

  • As members of the ATA, we are thoroughly assessed for suitability to deliver tutoring services given confirmation of qualifications, Police checks and Working With Children checks.

  • All of our tutors have Working With Children Blue Cards and receive comprehensive and ongoing support from our Directors, Natalee and Stuart. Natalee is a Child Safety Solicitor for the Queensland Government and Stuart is a high school maths and science teacher with leadership experience across the private and public sectors.

  • We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing professional development as per the Australian Tutoring Association Member Code of Conduct.

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Reviewing for the Exam
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Professional Services

Individuals, small groups, parent groups or school cohorts, we've got something for everyone.

Adult Students

Foundational Skills

A solid base is the most important part of learning.

ATAR Advantage was born out of the realisation that a cluttered curriculum was leaving less and less time for educators to provide students with time to establish study habits.
In the high-stakes world of ATAR Maths and Science with a 50% exam at the end of year 12, we provide a common sense approach to ensure that students build great study skill, are prepared and ready to achieve their best.
To this end, we believe that establishing these skills as early as possible is the best approach which is why we like to work with all high school aged students not just those in years 10 - 12.

Focused Support

We are experts on detail.

ATAR Advantage are qualified to help your child unlock the curriculum and experience that feeling of success that comes from understanding what they're doing.

  • We employ a variety of strategies to help your child engage with the curriculum.

  • We unpack and show students how to apply the cognitive verbs within assessment tasks.

  • We help students to understand the links between marking guides, cognitive verbs and assessment task requirements.

  • We track, analyse and set goals based on individual student data.

  • We coach, support, motivate and celebrate success.

Chemistry Students
Image by Jaime Lopes

Full Cohort Coaching

Give your Maths and Science cohorts the edge.

Are you a school leader who is concerned about student stress levels, preparation, long-term strategies and outcomes? ATAR Advantage will utilise data in all its forms to produce the clearest picture possible and ascertain what's required to help your students conquer ATAR Maths and Science. This could include a combination of our Foundational Skills or Focused Support depending on the needs of your cohorts. We understand that every school is at a different point in their ATAR journey.

Importantly, our director has extensive teaching experience and knows how to be personable, engaging, interactive and give a meaningful presentation that your students will understand, value and enjoy.

Parent Information Sessions

We empower parents to support their children.

The transition from primary school to high school can see many parents take a "backseat" in the education of their children. This can be due in part, to parents not being fully informed of the ins and outs of the system.

The new ATAR system can seem daunting and there are plenty of myths and half-truths that need clarifying.

ATAR Advantage is available to help schools communicate the facts to parents through our Parent Information Sessions. We can make parents feel comfortable in their knowledge of the system and be a valuable part of the child's learning.

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Student Writing

Scholarship Entrance Exam Preparation

Know that you will be ready for anything.

High-stakes exams are not the exclusive domain of the new ATAR Maths and Science Syllabuses. For decades they have been used to entice and filter students hopeful of gaining a position in some of our most elite educational institutions. ATAR Advantage has the skills and resources to help your child prepare for their best performance on scholarship tests. We can coach on the ways to overcome perceived barriers so they enter the test confident and ready to go.

LANTITES Preparation
By negotiation with our Director

It's only one step but it's an important one.

Having mentored numerous pre-service and new & beginning teachers throughout his career as a Classroom Teacher and Head of Department, our Director feels strongly about developing and supporting quality graduates who are ready to handle the dynamic education environment.

LANTITES stands for Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students and is administered by ACER to assess those aspects of initial teacher education students’ personal literacy and numeracy skills that can be measured through an online assessment tool.

ATAR Advantage is well equipped to help you successfully negotiate the requirements of this test so that you can meet or exceed the test standard prior to graduation.

Be prepared, be confident and perform at your peak.


Utilitas scientia - Our knowledge is your advantage.

ATAR Advantage: Services

Price List (Current as of 1/1/2022)

NO bulk up-front payments. NO lock-in contracts. NO required number of sessions per week.

HOWEVER cancellation fees do apply. Here is our Cancellation Policy.

ALL prices are inclusive of GST.

Payment via Credit Card is an Opt-in service with a 2% surcharge (as of 1/1/24) on all prices stated below.

Clients can Opt-out of Credit Card payments at any time with one week's notice via email.

ATAR Advantage student folder

Junior folder $10

Senior folder $20

The Senior folder contains everything your child needs to get on the right studying track.

  • Educational engagement questionnaire

  • Goal setting

  • Motivation and mindset

  • Study skills and memory strategies

  • Syllabus documents for monitoring progress

  • Academic results record for tracking and reflecting on progress for each assessment item

  • QCAA cognitive verbs in student-friendly language

  • Weekly subject content review & preview

  • Five-weekly reflective summary

These folders are designed to be used for the entire year for students in years 7 - 10 and for the two year senior courses covering Units 1-4.

One-on-one student sessions*

$70/hour with one of our specialist tutors
$80/hour with our Director (as of 1/1/24 subject to availability)

ATAR Advantage will travel to your home and provide a free initial consultation to find out what's working, what's needed and what's next. We will listen to you and your child and provide you with all the information you need to decide what's best for you.

Our team has expertise in all maths and sciences from years 7 - 10, Essential Maths, General Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths as well as Senior Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics.

Travel charges (passed on in full to our tutors). We always attempt to share travel costs whenever we can get two or more students in a given geographical location.

  • 0 to 12 km - $0

  • 12 to 20 km - $5

  • 20 to 30 km - $10

  • Greater than 30 km will be charged based on travel time at the individual hourly rate, door to door.

Distances are determined using Google Maps: Shortest path without tolls from the Tutor's suburb to Your Suburb.

Online tuition**

$70/hour with one of our specialist tutors
$80/hour with our Director (as of 1/1/24 subject to availability)

Through the combination of video conferencing and online collaborative tools, ATAR Advantage has been able to meet and exceed the needs of our clients during COVID-19 restrictions and will continue to offer this service.

Offered as a suitable substitute for delivering one-on-one specialised support, we believe this mode can be used effectively in conjunction with periodic face-to-face sessions at your discretion.

**Suitable hardware and internet connection required.

Small group sessions***

Group of 3 - $25/hour/student
Group of 4 - $20/hour/student
Group of 5 - $15/hour/student

Offered for a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) students, this is our most cost effective and powerful mode of support as students are able to bounce ideas off one another, collaborate and co-construct knowledge whilst being guided by their tutor.

***Small group sessions require a suitable location that is practical for learning and convenient for all involved. Small groups are typically arranged by families with peers in the same school, subject and grade. This can be discussed as required.

High school cohort workshops

$16.50/student per session (includes GST)

Based on a 90 minute session, we are able to deliver a package tailored to the needs of your maths and science cohorts. We can deliver an engaging and practical presentation covering a combination of topics including:

  • time management

  • goal setting

  • understanding and unpacking cognitive verbs in assessment

  • how to deconstruct an ISMG to meet assessment requirements

  • how to prepare for Unit 3 & 4 external assessment to minimise stress and maximise outcomes

Please contact us for further information and pricing options.

Parent information sessions


It takes a village to raise a child and we all know that parental engagement in the education process is crucial to student success.
Book us for a parent information session to talk about the facts and dispel the myths around preparing their child for senior and ATAR Maths & Science.

ATAR Advantage: Price List
Diversity Students

ATAR Advantage has been working with our two sons (Year 7 and 8) through the latter half of 2019. They use a very methodical and refreshing approach to tutoring.
They have worked with our sons on the fundamentals of organisation and study habits and have used some excellent strategies and tactics with our boys which they have both found very useful.
These skills are not taught specifically in the classroom, but are critical to high school success (and beyond). Our boys gain a deeper level of understanding of key maths and science concepts after each tutorial. The home tutoring complements the class learning seamlessly.
I would thoroughly recommend ATAR Advantage for any parents looking for additional support for their children from an organisational/study kills and academic perspective.

Forest Lake

ATAR Advantage: Testimonial
ATAR Advantage: Testimonial

After having just a few months of weekly sessions with her Maths tutor, my grade 12 daughter really gained a lot of ground. All sessions were well planned and productive, with the tutor also checking in midway between sessions to see how she was progressing through the homework/tasks set each week. Would highly recommend ATAR Advantage, both the tutor and Director Stuart went above and beyond.

Forest Lake

I cannot speak highly enough of ATAR Advantage. We will be forever grateful for the support that Stuart and Isabelle provided our son in the lead-up to his Year 12 Math Methods external exam. He was in a precarious position in the middle of Year 12 Maths and hence we reached out to Stuart to see what assistance he could provide. We were so fortunate that Isabelle agreed to take up the challenge and she consistently went above and beyond what we expected. Her dedication, commitment and knowledge of the Year 12 curriculum was most impressive and she was a delight to have in our home. We were thrilled with our son’s external exam results (43/50), and his final grade of a B. It was definitely money very well spent!

Sinnamon Park

Image by John Schnobrich
ATAR Advantage: Testimonial
ATAR Advantage: Testimonial
Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

We’re pleased to advise that H came out of his test today confident that he did very well. Many other students said they found it really hard so we couldn’t be happier for the extra help and encouragement that you have given to H. His confidence and knowledge with his Maths is growing stronger each week and Phu’s individualised help and explanations have been the main driver in this regard. 

We are extremely grateful that Phu is helping our son to succeed. His professionalism and subject knowledge is second to none. As a fellow educator, I can not speak highly enough of Phu’s ability to help students understand the intricacies of the subject discipline. His manner is so helpful in guiding students through the challenges and he shows genuine care and concern for their development.

Kind regards, W & J
Forest Lake

Name reduced to maintain client confidentiality.

L*** has engaged really well with Dhruv (Tutor) and has reported feeling really supported by him. Dhruv is L***'s 4th tutor he has engaged with over the past 2 years, and certainly the tutor L*** has reported having the best experience with comparatively. He particularly appreciates knowing he can contact Dhruv outside of session!

His past tutors were substantially cheaper, however through these experiences it does appear you get what you pay for and we are happy to be paying more for the higher quality service and support we have received through ATAR Advantage.


Image by Brooke Cagle
ATAR Advantage: Testimonial
Image by Scott Graham

I found ATAR Advantage two months before my son's final Year 12 exams....I only wish I had engaged their services sooner! Stuart was honest and realistic right from day one about how much could be achieved in a short time. My son instantly clicked with Stuart who worked with him on General Mathematics. Stuart came extremely well prepared and resourced and was able to engage Rory and keep him focused. After his second session Rory commented that Stuart "...actually made Maths fun!". 
We also used ATAR Advantage for Biology with a different tutor. Jess is an easy going and very knowledgeable Biology student who methodically worked through areas that Rory was struggling with. She was patient and encouraging and even set Rory some focus areas for the upcoming weeks. 
I highly recommend ATAR Advantage, my son now feels much more confident with both Maths and Biology.


ATAR Advantage: Testimonial

Staff Testimonials

ATAR Advantage: Testimonials

Working as a maths tutor with ATAR Advantage provided me with great opportunities and experience. With support from a small team and a great director, I was able to help multiple high school students achieve their academic goals. With access to plentiful provided resources, I was able to really tailor lessons according to each individual’s needs and skill levels. Bi-annual team professional development meetings also provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the school curriculum/education system, teaching methods and further skills such as effective communication. I am satisfied with what I have achieved during my time at ATAR Advantage and would not have been able to do it without the support that I had working in this team. I highly recommend working as a tutor  with ATAR Advantage as it not only helps your student improve in their academic achievements, but also provides you with the opportunity to professionally grow.

Anh-Thu Tran
Bachelor of Medical Imaging

Researching and Writing

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